Mykala Daniel

We brought this to life at the VCU Brandcenter by

  • Promote and celebrate diversity, inclusion, and multiculturalism through a variety of mechanisms including school-wide social gatherings, cultural events, and work workshops

  • Foster an environment that enables students to feel empowered, valued, respected, and safe

  • Facilitate communication between all members of our community

  • Collaborate with our faculty, staff, and students in the ongoing pursuit of evolving and growing an inclusive and diverse school environment

  • Create accountability for the implementation of our diversity and inclusivity goals

  • Serve as a liaison between our students and Brandcenter staff


BC Collective is a community at Brandcenter who engages in cultural conversations relevant to modern day advertising. Our goal is to not only create a safe place for us as students to talk about cultural trends and the effects it has on the world but giving credit and respect where it’s due. Our hopes are that this legacy continues so that we can all year after year graduate from Brandcenter not only specialized in the craft and rigor of our work; but forever carry on and reflect respect to all human nature and culture alike.

Our mission is simple: Empower creative minds to think, discern, and engage with one another, in an environment that addresses the complexities of diversity & inclusion in today’s society.

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Volunteering in the RVA Community

We wanted to do community service to expand beyond conversing about ways to enact change in our work, to becoming agents of change in our lives.


Conversations that Matter

Each month we gathered to talk about how culture is impacting the work we do everyday and ways to reflect that in our work here at BC. Popular topics include:
Women’s Month Panel (pictured above), Code Switching, Do I have cultural permission? , and LGBTQTIA+ representation in casting.


Bringing it Full Circle

Diversity and inclusion are the first steps to building a work culture where everyone feels valued and appreciated. These conversations with agency and advertising leaders have helped begin the conversations on how we bridge this gap outside of 103 S. Jefferson.


Imani Lee Sherrill, ST
Belem Medina, XD
Beka Tesfaye, CBM
Miguel Atkins, CBM