Mykala Daniel

How can we refresh the Listerine brand?

Your smile is the missing link to achieving your wellness potential

We’re in a wellness-obsessed society. Why don’t our oral care practices reflect that?

The mouth is the body’s most common entry point for infection, and brushing alone can’t kill disease-causing bacteria. If our mouths are the missing links to achieving our total body wellness potential can Listerine become Americas first mouth-coach?

We took Listerine from a sink ornament to a wellness staple by inspiring apathetic brushers to dust off that mouthwash in their cabinet and embrace the minty burn. Because a healthy mouth, means a healthy you.

Tool kit \\ Man on the Street interviews, Qualitative + Quantitative research


We think we’re invincible until we’re not

We’re living in a wellness-obsessed society. Niche fitness classes, subscription and fad diets, meditation apps have taken over our lives and changed the relationship we have with our bodies.

Mouthwash is a lesser considered product within a lesser considered category. It is an afterthought, not part of the everyday routine even though it’s something we already have at our disposal

Get people to use Listerine more frequently so they can purchase more often.

Human Truth
We tend to think we are invincible until we’re not.

Brand Truth
The mouth is the body’s most common entry point for infection. Listerine kills disease-causing bacteria and fights plaque.

Listerine is the missing link to your total body wellness.

Creative idea:
Healthy mouth, healthy you.
Listerine introduces the world’s first personal mouth coach.


Healthy mouth, healthy You

Mouth Body Connection

Mouth Meditations will help impact people in their active and passive moments. Promote to Spotify Listeners with workout or mindfulness playlists and house in a Listerine playlist.



These fitness-inspired bold ads mimic the intense ads normally seen by hardcore fitness brands and tie oral health and Listerine to exercising and wellness.

Placement would be in standard health and wellness magazines like Men’s Health, GQ, Women's Health, and Self.

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Billboards would be placed in metropolitan areas near fitness clubs, wellness centers, and retailers like Lululemon and Nike Stores. We would work with these retailers to also offer in-store samples of our products and extensions.


Product Extensions

Single Use Meal Planning Packets

Meal prep packets brings oral care and Listerine into having a healthy diet and encourage repetitive, habitual use. Would be for sale at retailers like GNC, Vitamin Shoppe and Target.


Essential Oil Pack

The Essential oils pack highlights the lesser-known Listerine Naturals product line and would be sold for a limited time at health apparel stores like Athleta and Lululemon as an earned media activation.

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Kristen Debarros, AD
Vivianna Molina, CBM
Sean Johnson, CW
Evanne Allen, ST
Mykala Daniel, ST