Mykala Daniel


“To be young, gifted, (and I can not stress this enough) black.Nina Simone

You may say that I’m a dreamer. Nothing gets me going more than the energy that fills a room when a team makes a breakthrough. My super power is taking each individual part of the story and meshing it to align with culture at the right place and the right time. I love bringing out the best in people, debating internet culture, and building towards a better future than today because yes, I do believe advertising can change the world.

Outside of work you can find me

  • Expanding my taste palette beyond chicken tenders and fries

  • Finessing the doodle game one iPad scribble at a time

  • Trying to binge all of Law and Order SVU (no really, ask me how it’s going)

  • Currently reorganizing my journals into a massive personal field guide

  • Building spaces to curate cultural conversations